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Cayetana Ring

Cayetana Ring

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Size: 6
Material: 925 Silver
Silver colour
Model: Hoop

Guide to determine what size rings to order.

-Choose the finger where you want to wear your ring.

If you measure the width of your finger with a ruler or tape measure, you will take the measurement in millimeters, which is the smallest line on the centimeter side of what you use to measure.

-If you already have a ring at home that works for you, measure the diameter.

Diameter It is the internal measurement of the ring.

Compare the measurement you took of the width of your finger or the diameter of the ring with the measurement in millimeters in the table and verify your size, which is the number that appears inside the ring.

Fun fact: In 95% of people, the size of their shoes matches the size of their ring finger.

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Frequent questions

What materials are your jewelry made of?

Our pieces are made of different high quality materials, such as: 925 Silver, 925 Gold Plated Silver, Gold Laminated, Gold Laminated or Stainless Steel.

How long does it take for the order to arrive?

If you are in Santo Domingo and your order arrives before 10 am or 2:30 pm, it will be shipped that same day. However, if your order arrives after 2:30 p.m., it will be shipped the next day in the first shipping shift.
If your order is for internal shipping, it would take 24 to 48 hours at the offices of the shipping services we use.
If your order is for shipping abroad it would be 8 to 21 business days. Directly, to the address you provide us.

What guarantee do you offer?

We offer a unique and exclusively material guarantee. We do not offer a guarantee on stone breakage or loss. We do not repair parts.

How can I clean jewelry?

You can restore the shine to your pieces with a jewelry box. We invite you to our blog where we offer you tips to carry out your cleaning process on your pieces.

  • Our parts are durable

    Made with the highest quality materials. Strength, shine and durability merge in each piece.

  • We have a commitment to quality

    We use sustainable and 100% quality materials, for the highest quality and resistance.