Now the use of antibacterial gel is vital to protect us from #coronavirus , so here I show you how you should use them so that you are protected and at the same time take care of your pieces.


Materials that are not gold resist much less contact with these types of chemicals, so it is recommended that you remove your rings by placing antibacterial gel.


Many prefer not to wear anything on their hands, however we think that if we already have so many changes and limitations that are mandatory to take care of ourselves, why not continue wearing those rings that we like so much ?!


In the event that one of your SILVER 925 rings rusts, you just have to do the cleaning process that we will leave you here very soon so that you can restore its natural shine.


EYE! Rolled gold and gold-plated or plated pieces other than 925 silver are very resistant to chemicals, and do not return to their original state if they darken due to contact with these substances such as: Perfumes, creams, dyes, alcohol, cleaning products, etc.


It is important that you know that the durability of your piece will depend 30% on the quality of the material and 70% on you. ✅


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