One of the best gifts I have received, it is a blessing and a privilege. Being a woman is being that spoiled girl of God, my creator, and who trusts in the life plan He has for me. Plans that are always perfect and good.

Being a woman is experiencing feelings and emotions, it is receiving and giving love, it is being an ally, being empathic, being supportive, being authentic, flirty, enjoying my sensuality, it is accepting myself and also accepting the role of men in my life...

What should women encourage and continue to learn?

We should learn to complement each other more, not to compete, to make a team, to share strengths, and to recognize that it makes us vulnerable, knowing that this vulnerability is what helps us build our courage.

Women have been considered the "weaker sex" and perhaps yes, in one or another context of Life, as human beings we can come to see ourselves as such, but without a doubt, I feel that being a Woman is a constant search, conquest and an experiencing growth. I understand that there is no woman stronger than the one who trusts in God.

My addicts, Today March 8, International Women's Day, I share a special greeting while reminding you that each and every one is, equally, those pampered girls of God... that the purpose of our lives is to be happy, that we are not a product of our circumstances, we are a product of our decisions.

So girls, I invite you to spend a moment with yourself, doing something you like and enjoy, not just today but every day.