The beauty and durability of your jewelry pieces depend a lot on you. So it is very important that you keep these tips in mind.


➡️ Store it in cool places, neither humid nor hot. You should not have lights that generate a lot of heat near where you have your jewelry.

➡️ Do not mix them with other materials, at least in the case or in the section of your jewelry box where you have your pieces stored.

➡️ Protect it from sweat, neither in the gym nor in the park you need jewelry. Maybe you can take some basic sleepers if you are one of those who cannot walk without anything, but ideally, even if you don't sweat a lot, don't wear anything. The pH of our skin is always present, some are higher than others and when doing exercises it is potentiated.

➡️ Put on your creams and perfumes before putting on jewelry, not on them. This includes the antibacterial and alcohol that we use to prevent covid-19.

➡️ Use better unlaminated 925 Silver for the beach or the pool. When we go regularly we bathe for several hours and in addition to chlorine and salt, a lot of heat is also generated in these places by the sun 🌞 So it does arrive with them, but then leave them in your bag or purse well kept. I regularly wear the earrings when I usually wear a hat and I don't plan on putting my face in the water too much.

➡️ Remove it before going to sleep. It is not safe for you because we should not sleep with anything that squeezes us or pierces or entangles you and we also sweat while sleeping.

➡️ Do not bathe with them. If you want your pieces beautiful and with their shine for longer I tell you that it is less than 1 minute to remove them.

➡️Care when you go to the beauty salon. I suffer when I see how carefree they are with the earrings and chains put in a dye process or in the simple head wash and deep treatments. That is part of the chemical that should not come into contact with the metal.

➡️ Buy a good jeweler. I mean that it is spacious and you can divide your materials. If you use bags to store them, preferably cloth.

➡️ Remove the rings when washing your hands. That is every time yes and do not tell me that you better not wear them because it is sadder like that and more if you love them.

ÑAPA ➡️ There are products to clean gold-plated jewelry.